Top 10 iPad Apps for Finance and Business Professionals or Majors

There are many apps available for the iPad that help business and finance professionals stay informed and improve productivity on a daily basis. Many of these helpful apps are free or available for a reasonable price. Professionals and businesses benefit by adding these helpful apps to the arsenal.


thomson reuters for ipad

Thomson Reuters Marketboard

Thomson Reuters Marketboard provides comprehensive reports on companies and the latest developments in business and finance sectors. This app offers a customizable interface to track stocks and provides analysts’ research, transcripts and investigative reports as well. The Thomson Reuters Marketboard app also has a briefcase feature that saves research and news articles.



stockwatch for ipad


The StockWatch app allows iPad users to monitor over 50 different stock exchanges around the world. This is one of the best apps available for the iPad for tracking different stocks and indexes and monitoring a portfolio. This app provides real-time chart tracking and news feeds as well as a customizable interface for managing stocks in the portfolio.



gold tracker for ipad

Gold Tracker

Gold Tracker is a popular app amongst investors and professionals interested in tracking precious metals. This app provides live quotes for over 150 different currencies. The Gold Tracker app monitors market activity and displays precious metals in ounces, grams, pennyweights and kilograms. This app also allows users to input the purity value into the calculations as well.



bloomberg for ipad

Bloomberg for iPad

The Bloomberg app provides the latest market data, analysis and news coverage that affects the business and finance world weekly. The app covers 30 different areas of business and provides tools for monitoring world markets. This is a popular app for professionals who need to stay informed about the recent developments in their industry and at large.



square register for ipad

Square Register

This app allows professionals and enterprises to process credit cards from any location. The app allows professionals to swipe Discover, MasterCard, American Express or Visa credit cards, and deposits funds into the bank account within two days.



quickbooks for ipad

QuickBooks Mobile

This app makes it easier to process invoices, estimates and perform other QuickBooks functions to manage the business while away from the office. QuickBooks Mobile is a very helpful app for traveling professionals who own a business, start-ups and small businesses.



citrix receiver for ipad

Citrix Receiver

The Citrix Receiver is a great app for professionals who are interested in staying productive while away from the office. This app serves as a platform for professionals to access enterprise applications and files from remote locations.



etrade for ipad

E*TRADE Mobile

The E*TRADE iPad app helps investors and finance professionals trade stocks when away from home or the office. Many iPad users enjoy trading options, mutual funds and stocks in a few easy steps with the E*TRADE app. This app makes it easy to monitor all of the brokerage accounts in one window.



cnbc for ipad

CNBC Real-Time for iPad

CNBC’s Real-Time app for the iPad is a free app that provides real-time stock quotes after hours. This app has a comprehensive platform that delivers all of the business and finance news and major developments that professionals rely on throughout the work week. Breaking news alerts and video headlines that feature over 100 guests daily serve as effective tools for keeping investors informed.



fidelity investments for ipad

Fidelity Investments

This app provides real-time analysis and customizable options for researching and trading mutual funds, ETFs and stocks. Advanced charting and real-time quotes give iPad users immediate access to valuable information for making the best investment decisions. The app also provides videos, newsfeeds, alerts and enhanced cash management as well.