Top 10 iPhone Apps for Business and Finance

Every businessman or investor knows it’s important to keep up with the times and do their own research. This list of the ten best apps for business and finance professionals can help with that.


wsj for iphone

1: The Wall Street Journal

This app allows you to browse the award winning Wall Street Journal from the convenience of your iPhone. The news is published every morning, so you get the latest news automatically every time you load up the app. The $12.99 subscription model allows for access to myriad features including market data, stock quotes, and a stock watch list.



iron money for iphone

2: Iron Money

Iron Money is a money management app that helps manage finances in the increasingly complicated world of multiple bank accounts and online banking. With Iron Money, you can connect all your accounts and transactions into one easy app to help analyze your saving and spending habits.



market scan for iphone

3: MarketScan

For the investor or trader, being able to scan the market for any changes, whether dramatic or subtle, is imperative to the profession. This is where MarketScan comes in. With this app, you can easily filter through the dirt and find the gold in the stock market allowing you to simply your workflow and increase productivity.



twitter for iphone

4. Twitter

A social networking app may, at first glance, seem like an odd choice to include on our top ten list, but following the right users on Twitter can provide you with the most up to date information in the business world. Become a “tweeter” yourself and create networking opportunities and even establish yourself as a authority in your field by sharing expertise and experiences, live tweeting conferences you attend and interacting with others.



credit card terminal jpg

5: Credit Card Terminal

For the small or independent business owner, taking credit cards as a form of payment becomes a necessity in this market. With this app, it’s possible to scan credit cards without the need for an expensive machine; all you need is a merchant account with a payment gateway and you’re good to go.



loopnet for iphone

6: LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Search

LoopNet allows you to filter out the noise and find what you’re looking for in real estate with easy to use maps and search terms. Just specify a set of parameters and the app automatically searches all commercial real estate in your area, showing them as markers on a map.



real time stock tracker for iphone

7: Real-time Stock Tracker +Alert push notification

This app is a comprehensive stock powerhouse that can do anything from streaming live graphs to portfolio monitoring and more. With notifications supported for happenings in the stock market, you’ll never be too far away from your investments.



world currency converter for iphone

8: World Currency Converter Pro

For the traveling business executive, a currency conversion app is nearly as important as a language translator app. With just a few steps, you can find the currency exchange rate for any currency in the world.



mortgage calculator for iphone

9: Mortgage Calculator FREE

An essential for potential and current homeowners, this free app allows you to figure out just how much you’re really paying for your mortgage. For the prospective homeowners, the Mortgage Calculator can help you figure out what works for you.



yahoo finance for iphone

10: Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is a long trusted name in financial news. It features real time stock coverage, letting you keep the stock market right in your pocket. This app has it all; with news coverage and real time data you’ll never feel ill prepared with this tool in your arsenal.