Top 30 Business and Finance Blogs of 2012

businessfinancebadgeBusiness and Finance are broad subjects with as many perspectives as there are professionals in the field. Blogs are one of the greatest resources available to the modern business person. Many successful professionals, indeed even industry leaders, maintain blogs featuring everything from in depth analysis of finance and business news, to thoughts on strategies and complex economic issues.

This list consists of the thirty best business and finance blogs of 2012. These blogs are regularly updated, and cover the major issues in the industry from a variety of perspectives informed by the experiences of their successful authors.


Best Business and Finance Blogs


1. The Financial Times is one of the largest and most respected news sources in finance. The blog section of their website features an eclectic collection of writers with varying perspectives from every facet of the financial industry.

2. Clusterstock is a collaborative Business Insider blog featuring topics dealing with every major aspect of the finance industry including culture, hedge funds, wall street, regulation, and more.
Highlight: The Fabulous Life Of Eike Batista—The Brazilian Who Is Risking It All To Become Richest Man In The World

3. Zero Hedge is a blog devoted to increasing the availability and scope of information pertinent to investors of all stripes. One of the blog’s secondary goals is to act as a watchdog in the finance journalism field, bringing suppressed information to the forefront of the ongoing finance discussion.
Highlight: The Great Lie Of The Great Rotation

4. Calculated Risk is a finance blog focused heavily on economics and is widely regarded as one of the best resources for following macroeconomic trends in the United States.
Highlight: Lawler on Housing Vacancy Survey

5. Planet Money is the collaborative economics focused blog of NPR. Planet Money features well regarded contributors offering a variety of perspectives on the finance industry. The tone of the blog is light and the articles are written with both laypersons and professionals in mind.
Highlight: An International Battle Over One Of The Most Boring Things In Finance

6. The Telegraph is a United Kingdom newspaper and the website features a collection of finance blogs that make it one of the best sources for a British point of view on finance. While many of the articles do feature stories of interest to primarily British readers, there is a good selection of writers who deal with international finance from a British perspective.
Highlight: How I made a year’s net salary in a month

7. Dealbreaker is a blog devoted to covering the culture and personalities of the finance industry. The blog features news and original commentary, with the occasional entertainment piece thrown into the mix to keep things interesting.
Highlight: New York, London, Hong Kong…Moscow?

8. Baseline Scenario is focused on the international finance industry. The blog discusses the field from a global perspective and formulates concrete policy proposals designed to make international finance a better defined space. The blog’s authors are Peter Boone, Simon Johnson, and James Kwak and they have been published in every major finance magazine between the three of them.
Highlight: What Is Social Insurance?

9. CNN Money, a Service of Fortune, and Money is a collaborative blog between these three media, finance, and business industry powerhouses. The blog features some of the top writers in the industry and covers every major aspect of finance and business.
Highlight: Small craft breweries hit it big

10. Infectious Greed by Dr. Paul Kedrosky, features a tongue in cheek writing style combined with the wisdom of this contributing editor for Bloomberg. Infectious Greed is an interesting, informative look behind the curtain of the international finance game.

11. Ticker Sense is the blog of Birinyi Associates Incorporated and is focused primarily on U.S. stocks. Ticker Sense also covers the greater finance business as a whole. Birinyi is a financial research and money management firm headed by president of the company Laszlo Birinyi who struck out on his own, creating the company in 1989. His first consulting gig was with Bloomberg LP.
Highlight: Strongest January Since 1997…. More to Go?

12. Distressed Volatility is a blog that was founded at the beginning of the financial crisis following the government bailout of Bear Stearns, and that firm’s eventual sale to JP Morgan. The name was derived from the distressed and volatile state of the American economy at the time and has been devoted to covering developments in the financial industry as it has dealt with the widespread difficulties following the implosion of the money market.
Highlight: Will Illinois’ Unfunded Pension Liability End Up Repricing Its Debt?

13. Global Markets is the blog of Cliff Wachtel and features daily and weekly in depth analysis of the stock market and American business. The blog offers readers advice primarily about stock trading. Mr. Wachtel is considered one of the top financial bloggers.
Highlight: How to Trade Trends: A Simple Short Term News Trading Strategy

14. Raw Finance covers the finance industry from a common sense perspective and seeks to be relevant to everybody involved with the industry whether they are investment bankers or individual investors. The blog seeks to strip topics down to the nuts and bolts mechanics of economics, removing all the excess political baggage and sensationalism that commonly accompany such topics.
Highlight: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Adopts “Ability-To-Repay” Rule for Mortgage Lenders

15. The Brazen Careerist blog network has been running since 2008 with the primary goal of helping people land their dream job and achieve career goals. While the blog has stayed true to its roots over the years, it has also expanded consistently over time and has grown into a website that offers many valuable services to professionals.
Highlight: 15 Books That Will Help You Prosper and Be Happy in Your Career

16. Naked Capitalism is a blog published Susan Webber, a principle consultant with Aurora Advisors Incorporated, authored under the nom de plume Yves Smith. The blog features commentary and analysis on economics, finance news, and legal and ethical issues within finance, particularly the banking industry.
Highlight: Reflections on the Current Belief That Housing Will Come Roaring Back

17. Daily Finance is a collaborative money and finance blog published by AOL’s Money and Finance news division. The blog features content geared both toward providing laypersons with financial advice, and in-depth analysis of financial news for professionals.
Highlight: Your Parents Think You Stink at Managing Your Money

18. The Wall Street Journal collaborative blog features in depth coverage and analysis of business and finance from some of the most important finance professionals, journalists and thinkers of this day and age.
Highlight: Secondary Sources: Oil Shock, Risk Fear, Budget, Economist Breakup

19. Rorty Bomb Rorty Bomb is a finance and economics blog that is part of Next New Deal, the website of the Roosevelt Institute, a prominent progressive think tank.
Highlight: How is Inequality Holding Back the Recovery?

20. Brad Delong is an economics blogger for economists. He is a professor of economics at U.C. Berkley, chair of the Political Economy major, and a former deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Bill Clinton. The blog’s content varies from modern economic concerns, to taking a step back and considering the thoughts of economic philosophers past.
Highlight: Grand Mal Economic Seizures

21. Seth Godin has written fourteen books, all of which have been best sellers, on everything from marketing to the end of the industrial economy. His blog deals with just as wide an array of topics as his books. He writes with an easy to read, understandable style that doesn’t need to sacrifice depth for clarity.
Highlight: Eleven things organizations can learn from airports

22. Chris Brogan is a marketing entrepreneur that shares with his readers the best and most successful ideas he has implemented, as well as sound business and financial strategies.
Highlight: Bring Immense Value to the Picnic

23. Shoe Money is the blog of Jeremy Schoemaker. The blog is focused on the online marketing industry and entrepreneurship. The author is open about the ups and downs he has experienced in his life and is happy to share his accumulated knowledge and wisdom with his readers.
Highlight: In 2012 I learned 5 Major Things About Running A Business

24. China Law Blog is a business law blog featuring content primarily concerned with doing business in, or with companies from, China. The blog seeks to keep its readers informed on the latest developments in Chinese business law and how to navigate the often perilous business landscape in that nation.
Highlight: Service Companies in China. How to Get Paid.

25. Next Big Future is a blog featuring content dealing with business and social media. The site focuses on how to best utilize social media in business for networking, communication, education, and marketing; all while keeping on top of the evolution of social media technology.
Highlight: Cable Companies Make 97% Margin On Internet Services and Have No Incentive to Offer Gigabit Internet

26. Successful Blog is the blog of Liz Strauss. The blog’s topics focus primarily on developing meaningful business relationships in a high tech and often depersonalized world. She shares strategies for leveraging technology to create more personal business relationships with both customers, other businesses, and peers.
Highlight: Revenue is the Small Business Lifesaver

27. Darmano is the blog of David Armano and it focuses reinventing public relations through the effective application of a balanced approach utilizing both logic and emotion to better serve both companies and the public.
Highlight: It’s Time to Re-Invent Public Relations

28. Drew’s Marketing Minute features an innovative approach to marketing for businesses and business professionals. He seeks to communicate his principles of creating a love between business and custom primarily through anecdotes.
Highlight: Touching my heart doesn’t necessarily touch my wallet

29. The Consumerist is a blog focused on providing in depth analysis of issues in the finance field affecting the average consumer.
Highlight: 5 Home Inspection Photos That Show Why DIY Is Not Always The Best Route

30. Neville Hobson is a blogger who has positioned himself at the intersection of business, communication, and technology. The blog features articles dealing primarily with advancements in business and finance technologies.
Highlight: Closing the gap between social media use and usefulness