Top 10 TED Talks about Finance and Business

In the world of Finance and Business, relevant discussion topics abound. This series of TED talks ranges from dialogues on the rapid rate of globalization and what it means to us to conversations on how to improve infrastructure in countries like Afghanistan.


Pavan Sukhdev: Put A Value on Nature!

It is hard to put a price to many things society takes for granted such as air or water, but in this talk Sukhdev theorizes just that. What is the exact price of a the Amazon Rainforest? Questions like this help shed light on the economic function of the environment.


Alex Tabarrok on How Ideas Trump Crises

In this talk, Tabarrok paints an optimistic vision of the future where globalization allows billions to rise out of poverty and help propel the world economy into the future.


Adam Davidson: What we Learned From Teetering on the Fiscal Cliff

Davidson talks economics and politics, going deep in discussion about the fiscal cliff and what it meant. The fiscal cliff was solved by bipartisan parties in an effort to stave off economic collapse due to debt, similar to current day Greece, but how exactly was it resolved?


Ashraf Ghani on Rebuilding Broken States

Why are some nations not improving as fast as others and what can we do to fix it? In this fascinating TED Talk, Ashraf Ghani and Chris Anderson spark a fascinating discussion on Afghanistan’s past, present, and future: from the Red Army to modern day drone attacks by the west.


Richard Wilkinson: How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

Economic inequality is inherently seen as negative for many people, but why? For the first time in history, we have evidence to look back on and see what the effects of inequality truly are. Wilkinson goes over this evidence and comes to a conclusion that inequality isn’t just inherently bad; it’s economically unwise.


Shlomo Benartzi: Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

In this talk, Benartzi goes over one of the principles of personal finance, savings — and why so many of us are terrible at it. Using behavioral economics to analyze how our brains plan for the future, Benartzi suggests how we can create new programs to help people save and prosper.


Daniel Goldstein: The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self

Goldstein hearkens back to the tale of Odysseus to try and explain just how our two selves reason with each other. The present mind and the future mind are in a constant battle and this talk goes over tools that can help people make smart decisions for the future.


Laurie Santos: A Monkey Economy As Irrational As Ours

Humans, while being incredibly intelligent at times, can make very stupid decisions. In this talk, Santos goes over a series of experiments that shows just how similar we are to primates when it comes to economic irrationality.


Martin Jacques: Understanding the Rise of China

The West tends to view China as a mystery. Martin Jacques goes over why that is and attempts to clarify China’s quick rise to power as well as keeping everything in a global perspective.


Niall Ferguson: The 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity

In this talk, Ferguson goes over why some countries are prosperous and some aren’t, as well as suggesting six different apps to help share prosperity around the globe.